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Selected Press & Writings

It’s Beautiful

Documentary filmmaker Miko Nincic considers “ways we create and enjoy beauty” and features interviews with artists, scientists, and spiritual teachers.      

Robert Sapolsky’s discussion of the brain

The essential human essences of Creativity, Imagination and Beauty

As Beauty Does

Ordinary Courage Book Fair: Being Brave

Resident Poet Elicits Reflective Prose from Springhill Students

Writerly Wisdom of the Ages/Collected by Jon Winokur

Three articles I wrote during Covid for Valerie Andrews' wonderful online magazine Re-inventing Home

Describing my work with children and the imagination, including a few wonderful picture poems from elementary students

Our bodies and our language as interconnected pathways of beauty

Five new qualities, six pieces of art, and a brief current description of my ongoing work with qualities.




The Art of Living, a not-for-profit based in Barcelona, Spain,  provides a platform for people from all over the world to enjoy and to share their thoughts and experiences on those aspects of being alive which we all have in common ... irrespective of our cultural or religious backgrounds. 

The Art Living website has adapted three sections from Notes on the Need for Beauty.

"The more I study and imagine how people and animals see the world and process what they see, the less certain I am about what the words visible and invisible, realistic and abstract, beautiful and ugly mean. What's abstract and what's realistic depends on the kind of lens you are looking through."

Celebrating the gifts and challenges of embodiment

Reflecting on the how love takes us inside and outside of ordinary selves

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